26-28 Sept 2017, Paris, France

This year, CRESCENDO’s General Assembly (GA) was held by Project Partner CNRS-IPSL at the Ecole Normale Superiore in Paris, France. Special thanks go to Laurent Bopp (Fig. 1A) and Nada Caud and Yves Balkanski (Fig. 1B) for acting as local organisers and for all their help to run a successful meeting. The annual meeting ran over three days (26, 27 and 28 Sept 2017) with around 90 attendees from all CRESCENDO partners, International Advisory Board members and several International Collaborators (Fig. 1C). The GA was preceded on the 25 Sept by a one-day practical workshop for early and mid-career researchers in CRESCENDO to gain knowledge of the science of climate change communication, and the confidence to apply this knowledge in practice with non-academic audiences (to read more about this workshop click here).

All presentations from the GA2017 and full version of the meeting minutes and post-meeting survey results have now been made available for project members on our Intranet.

Figure 1. Photos from the GA2017 in Paris: A) Laurent Bopp, B) Yves Balkanski and Nada Caud, C) the lecture theatre during the meeting, D) students from the Ecole Jeanine Manuel after their performance of ‘2100 The Musical’, and E) poster advertising the Mini-conference for the undergraduate students of the Ecole Normale Superieure.

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