Project management

WP15: CRESCENDO Project management

The Project Office will devote a significant fraction of their project-funded time to external project dissemination. Work in this workpackage will ensure regular interaction with the project knowledge dissemination WP13.
Project management objectives include:
• Provide management to achieve project objectives on time, to cost and at a high quality by steering functions, ensuring preparation of deliverables, and periodic reporting.
• Ensure the technical, administrative, financial and contractual coordination at project level.
• Ensure effective interaction with the European Commission, consultation with the international advisory board, and represent the project towards external parties.
• Ensure good communication between partners and promote collaborative efforts towards the common goals. Guide RT/WP leaders towards most project-efficient prioritisations to fulfil expectations between partners and keep-up the high ambitions throughout the project period.
• Initiate and facilitate the management related meetings such as General Assemblies, Scientific Steering Committee Meetings etc.
• Ensure active and beneficial collaboration with relevant other EU projects and international bodies.