Anyone can paint

Basically everything that is DIY (do-it-yourself) and art in general is booming at the moment. This also includes grinding by numbers, art for the layman. A leisure activity that really goes down well. Here, pre-printed larger or smaller canvases are painted on and off with colourless surfaces.

What is Painting by Numbers

Painting by numbers means that the areas on the canvas that contain numbers are specifically painted with the respective colour. In this way, amateurs can easily create a true work of art themselves. When painting by numbers, there are many motifs, including the complete equipment. This includes the brush, the paint and the instructions. The intended and predefined picture is created bit by bit. Through the network of surface contours and the template, it is formed with the given colours. The layman paints these surfaces according to the instructions. He sees exactly which colour he has to use for which figure. In this way, several pictures can be created from a single drawing.

This way of drawing is a hobby art and a very popular way for everyone to be able to paint themselves. It is offered in complete sets and there included is the brush, the acrylic paint (water based) and also sometimes oil paints. The canvas-textured painting board and the printed motif are included, as well as the detailed instructions.

Who is Painting by Numbers suitable for?

Painting by numbers is suitable for children and adults. Children receive sets with simple, childlike and playful easier motifs. The level of difficulty can be selected according to age. Adults can colour in more abstract and difficult motifs. Step by step, the painting, the picture, the photo, takes shape. Painting by numbers is interesting for young and old alike. Even one’s own photo can be designed into a “paint-by-numbers photo” in the respective shops. For example, the child paints his or her own portrait with the instructions.

Diamond painting, if you want something special

Diamond painting is a method that is also a DIY project and is very popular. Anyone who loves creativity should start Diamondpainting. The fantastically glittering world of painting inspires many users and is downright addictive. Picture mosaics can be created for the walls. One does not have to be an artist or painter to master this special technique. You only have to read and unpack the set and then start with the necessary equipment. You can start painting immediately. Those who know painting by numbers will have an easy time with diamond painting. Instead of colours, you work with small plastic stones that look like small diamonds. You pick them up with a special pen and place them exactly on the right numbers. This creates a motif with shiny, colourful “diamonds”.


Painting by numbers makes it possible for people who have no talent for drawing to create a great work of art. Everything is included in the set. The great thing about this DIY hobby is that it is equally interesting for young and old. Diamond Painting is another option with a similar principle. Both methods are just fun and allow the user to create their own work of art.