By T. Davies-Barnard (UNEXE, UK).

CRESCENDO was invited to the ClimatEurope Festival – a celebratory conference of climate services work funded by the European Union through the Horizon H2020 programme. This was a fascinating introduction to climate services for me, an Earth System Modeller. It really showcased the range of work that is done based on the CMIP model results which CRESCENDO helps develop and run.

In the water services segment, rivers and water availability stole the show, especially the local perspective from Spain. Then climate tools and data took centre stage. We were introduced to the Climate data store from the Copernicus programme, which looks like it will be an amazing resource when its complete. There was a nice talk about earth system models by Ralf Döscher (SMHI and CRESCENDO’s WP12 leader). And I gave a talk about land use change in earth system models and how the carbon aspect isn’t the whole story.

Some really memorable aspects of the event were the note taking by a fabulously talented cartoonist (check them out on twitter on the hashtag #ClimatEU17), a tour of the wetlands neighbouring Valencia, and the ‘twitter wall’ which added a bit of technological interaction to proceedings.

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